Adept Performance Products premium forged pistons are designed for high performance street and most racing
applications. In order to achieve the highest performance and duration possible, CERAMIC COATING is
applied to the top of all of our premium forged pistons, and SKIRT COATING is also applied to the skirt of all
of our premium forged pistons. Any combination from ultralight 2bbl oval track to high performance street, to
heavily boosted race only cars will find Adept Performance Products Forged Pistons to be the perfect piston.

4032 Pro series Lightweight Forged Piston

2618 Premium Forged Piston

1. Advanced, lightweight FSR forging that eliminates stress concentrations for superior strength
2. Up to 20% lighter than traditonal equivalent
3. high-silicon 4032 aluminum alloy for reduced piston-to wall clearance and quiet operation
4. Accumulator grooves for improved ring seal
5. Designed for normally aspirated or moderate forced induction/nitrous applications.

6. Average Weight is 405g